Vehicle Wraps & Vehicle/Boat Lettering


Here at Rogers Sign Co., we offer a lot of different services. One of these services is something known as car wraps and car lettering. We will also do boat lettering.

Benefits of Using a Vehicle Wrap For Business

There are many reasons to use vehicle wraps, but one that stands out is that you can turn your business vehicles into full motion advertisements.

  • One benefit of using vehicle wraps for your business vehicles is that the locals of Delaware and Maryland will know that you exist. Getting your name out there is very important.
  • Another benefit of using this method of advertising is the ease of installation and removal (if needed). Our professionals here at Rogers Sign Co. are experts when it comes to getting this job done right. As a matter of fact, we have a full gallery of pictures on our site to give you examples of our work.

Cape Pharmacy Vehicle Wrap, Delaware

This photo is just one example of the many works we do with vehicle wrapping in Delaware and Maryland. To see more of our vehicle wrapping projects, please click here.

  • The ability to easily change or update your wrap comes as an excellent luxury so you never have to worry about repainting your car to advertise your business.


There are many reasons to use car wraps for your own personal use as well as business use.

  • One of the best reasons to get a car wrap for personal use is changing the color. Painting a vehicle is usually very pricey and a huge task if you do it yourself. Choosing a color and then wrapping it in that color is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way to update your vehicle’s color.
  • Another great feature car wraps can have are designs, similar to what you see on TV or in car magazines. Designs are usually in the shape of flames or tribal symbols. These designs can be easily added to your vehicle using the vehicle wrapping technology.


Car lettering has many benefits to offer. It can be used for businesses, personal projects, or even promotions. 

  • Car lettering explains itself in the name, which is putting words on your vehicles. Occasionally,  vehicle lettering contains small images, as well.

This is an example of some of our work we did for the Georgetown, DE Police vehicles. To see more examples of our vehicle lettering, please click here

Benefits of Boat Lettering

If you are a fan of sailing, fishing, or just cruising the ocean then you know your boat needs certain customization, and the professionals here at Rogers Sign Co. in Delaware & Maryland can help with that.

  • The first thing you know your boat needs when you first get it is an original name. We can fully customize our fonts, style, and color the lettering to fit the needs of how you want to represent your boat.
  • To add character to your boat, you could also use some custom styles (Example: Pin Stripes) to show off your new or improved boat.

Boat Lettering in Delaware & Maryland, Rogers SignRogers Sign, Boat Lettering in Delaware & Maryland

These pictures are just some examples of the work we have previous done for boat lettering in Delaware & Maryland. To see more pictures of our boat lettering, please click here.

If you have any more questions or concerns about our vehicle wrapping and vehicle/boat lettering, please feel free to contact us!